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Author: Sky Hooley

Reneé Rapp’s “Snow Angel”: More than Just a Debut

Written by on 1 September 2023

From actress to singer-songwriter, Reneé Rapp’s musical journey has been a whirlwind. Her trajectory has not only been about pursuing a passion but also grappling with identity, both musically and personally. VandyRadio recently had the opportunity to attend a virtual press conference with the star, and fans and writers alike had the opportunity to delve […]

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Soundtrack to “Walking through Commons”

Written by on 11 September 2022

Admit it – we’ve all walked through Vandy’s campus, particularly Commons, with some coming-of-age music blasting in our ears. Sometimes a little playlist-induced nostalgia is necessary to mourn the start or end of freshman year. But don’t worry, because I have just the playlist you need in order to fully enact those feels.   This […]

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Giveon, You Gave It All

Written by on 30 July 2022

I can’t quite explain the sigh of relief I exhaled as I read that Giveon’s debut album Give or Take was set to release this summer. With singles like “Lie Again” and “For Tonight,” I knew that this album was going to bring everything Giveon has the potential to give (no pun intended), so here […]

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Is WASTELAND a waste of time?

Written by on 18 July 2022

Giving us perhaps one of the most highly anticipated R&B albums of the year, Brent Faiyaz did not come to play with his 2022 album WASTELAND. Personally, Faiyaz’ new album comes as a great relief as I write to you from the Dallas Fort Worth airport, eating slightly disgusting airport food on hour eight of […]

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