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Get To Know Our Hosts: Edward Ding

Written by on 16 November 2022

Meet Edward, a senior from New Jersey. He is the host of Ding, which goes live on VandyRadio Mondays at 5pm. Get to know Edward through the Q&A below!   What is your major and minor? I’m an economics major and business minor.    How would you describe your radio show? Ding is an eclectic […]

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Get To Know Our Hosts: Sky Hooley

Written by on 5 November 2022

Meet Sky Hooley, a junior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is our Station Manager and the host of Sky’s The Limit, which airs Mondays at 3pm on VandyRadio. Get to know Sky through the Q&A below!   What is your major and minor? I’m a sociology major and I’m minoring in data science, business, and […]

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Discussing “Eastward of Eden” with Amelia Day by Parker Smith

Written by on 19 October 2022

More than many schools, Vanderbilt is peppered with artists of all colors, from the technical musicians of Blair to the singer-songwriters of the Music Room. As VandyRadio’s music director, I’ve made it my business to know what all of them are up to: what they release, where they perform, and why they love music. And lately, it’s Amelia […]

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