The Blizzard

“A sports-centric show designed to reacquaint listeners with their own level-headedness while commenting on the hot-stove issues from around Vanderbilt and within the professional game. A cross between PTI and Outside the Lines – “the Beardless Bob Ley”; PTI, minus ‘stat-boy,’ plus Confucius.

1 – Universal Theme, 1-2 articles or storylines from that week which illustrate it, plus one example from real life to remind of the inseparability of the “real world” and “sports world” to debunk the mysticism and aura of intangibility which surrounds so many athletes – modern Olympians, heroes of this age – and power figures in the sporting industry.

1 – Hero of the day – someone whose story fits with the Universal theme.

3 – Trivia questions

And of course, the occasional guest – Vanderbilt athletes, current and former, others whose job descriptions fall under the “sports” umbrella, and faculty members, to start — but one and all are welcome!

Listen In: Thursdays at 5:00 PM!


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