Meet our staff here at VandyRadio:



Cecilia CregoIMG_9928


Station Manager


Cecilia is from Indian Springs, AL and has been a host on VandyRadio for three years. Other than loving Vandy Radio and all its hosts, she also loves going to awesome concerts, cheering on the Commodores, and eating Chipotle. In addition to Vandy Radio, Cecilia works at the Grand Ole Opry and is involved in Greek Life and University Catholic. She is double majoring in Special Education and Child Development and wants to potentially be a teacher and a radio host, aka the coolest teacher ever. She is so excited to be the Station Manager this year and if anyone ever has questions about anything VandyRadio come ask during her office hours!






Ben Dabney


Program DirectorBen


Ben is originally from Radford, Virginia, a small town few have heard of and fewer can point out on a map. He’s currently a junior, working towards a dual Chemistry/Psychology major, and wants to work in forensics after grad school. In addition to directing programs, Ben is currently involved in research over at Wilson Hall, and hosts The Best Worst Radio Show every Tuesday night. Feel free to stop by the office with questions about schedules, other radio stuff, or if you want to know all the best coffee shops off campus. (He may have a problem)





Jared BaumanBauman


Asst. Program Director


Jared Bauman is the host of The Newer Deal with Jared Bauman, a talk radio show that discusses politics and current events. He also writes for his personal opinion blog, The Young Participant, and is an editor of the University Torch, a campus newspaper for diverse political opinions. Originally from Rockville, MD, Jared loves creative writing, coffee, and pigeons.





Mikaela Baker


Music Director


As the self-proclaimed Hoda Kotb of Vanderbilt University, Mikaela Baker loves nothing more than hosting her radio talk show Unsolicited Advice with her partner in crime Trish Wheeler. She is double majoring in Theatre and LHS, and is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. When she’s not on air, you can find her rehearsing for VUT or watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s super excited to be the co music director, and if you need any pertinent life advice, Mikaela is the girl you should go to.





Jeffrey Joujeffrey


Community Outreach Director


Jeffrey is a junior from the south side of Chicago, IL. He is studying economics and Spanish (maybe) with a minor in financial economics. Other than hosting his show on VandyRadio, Jeffrey is involved in Greek Life and Tour Guides. As director for the newest position on exec, Community Outreach, shoot him an email if you need suggestions for upcoming artists visiting Nashville or if you want VandyRadio to provide music for your event on campus. Extra points if you ask during one of his tours!





Saxon AlltonHeadshot


News Director 


Saxon, a senior, joins us for his third stint with Vanderbilt Radio as News Director this year. Also affiliated with Sigma Chi Fraternity, Saxon is an Economics Major who aims to get into the political field following graduation. Hailing from Oklahoma, Saxon loves football, golf and spinning you a great tune. Follow him on any of his three radio shows throughout the week; Sunday Night Slow Jams, Sundays at 10 PM; The Franchise, Tuesdays at 6 PM; and America Unfiltered, Thursdays at 6 PM.






Cutler Klein


Sports Director1S9A0158-1024x683


Cutler Klein (’19) is the Sports Director of VandyRadio. He previously served as Assistant Sports Director He is majoring in Communication Studies in the College of Arts and Science. When he’s not writing stories, calling games as a play-by-play announcer, tweeting silly GIFs or watching any hockey game he can find, Cutler is running the sports section of the Vanderbilt Hustler, hosting VU Sports Wired on VTV and covering the Nashville Predators as a credentialed media member for Penalty Box Radio. Cutler has had bylines on and





Pearman Clarke



Asst. Sports Director


My name is Pearman Clarke, and I will be hosting Sweet Chile Sauce this year. This will be a weekly hour-long show, highlighting the best of the Premier League, Champions League, and other notable European soccer matches for the week. My life revolves around soccer. I am member of the club soccer team, where I play striker. I write for an online sports publication named the Sports Quotient where I write statistically driven analyses of soccer players, matches, and teams. As part of my responsibilities as assistant sports chair, I will be the color commentator for the Vanderbilt Women’s soccer team this year.



Quintin Hall


Publicity DirectorQuintin


Quintin Hall is VandyRadio’s very own Windy City MC hailing from the Westside. He is a junior majoring in Communication Studies, is the secretary of the brand new organization PartyNextDore, and currently co-hosts a radio show called Vibes and Inquiries. His day always includes listening to Chance the Rapper (AAAAAAH AAAAH), Childish Gambino, and house music. If you ever want to talk about rappers, R&B artists, the music industry, comedians, and a variety of television shows you should definitely hit him up or say hello! He is honored and excited to be a part of the VandyRadio family!




Trish Wheelerprofile picture


Social Media Director


As the self-proclaimed Kathy Lee Gifford of Vanderbilt University, Trish Wheeler loves nothing more than hosting her radio talk show Unsolicited Advice with her partner in crime Mikaela Baker. Trish is a double major in Engineering Sciences and Human Organizational Development, and hopes to work for a tech startup one day. Along with being involved in VandyGoFigure, VSVS, and the club swim team Trish also loves running, jamming to African pop music, and trying out gnocchi from Nashville restaurants! Don’t be afraid to hit her up for advice that you never thought you needed.





Justin NewsomIMG_2478




Justin is a current junior dual majoring in Psychology/Medicine, Health, and Society. Besides running the VandyRadio website and cohosting VANDYTRONIC, he also is a part of VSVS, the [IM]Perfection Project, and Active Minds. Daft Punk, HOME, and Skylar Spence are his top artists. If you ever want to chill listening to vaporwave or future funk, don’t be afraid to contact him.

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