Meet our staff here at VandyRadio!

Ryan Brown

Station Manager

Ryan Brown is a junior studying economics and history. A radio nerd, Ryan is eager to help showcase VandyRadio’s wonderful and extremely talented hosts. You can catch a groovier side of the station manager as DJ “Bad Bad” Ryan Brown Thursday nights at 8 on Vandy Vinyl. Contact Ryan at

Riley Alexander

Program Director

Riley Alexander is a Sophomore in the College of Arts and Science studying Economics and History.  She is one of two Co-Hosts for Vandy Radio’s Triple P Power Hour with Michael Roman.  She love to talk politics and pop culture, and she is always willing to hear a compelling counterargument.

Ellie Hooey

News Director

Ellie Hooey is a sophomore HOD and Communication Studies double major.  She loves hosting her classic rock show “School of Rock!!” In addition to VandyRadio, she is a VUceptor, volunteers with University Catholic and participates in the women’s workout group CHAARG.  In her free time, she loves doing Crossfit, watching old movies and reading.  Her favorite song (at the moment) is Lyin’ Eyes by Eagles.  Contact Ellie at!

Rayna Easley

Music Director

Rayna Easley is a sophomore majoring in HOD with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She joined VandyRadio last year and is now the Music Director. Rayna enjoys updating our playlists with current hits across all genres and is looking forward to showcasing new talent this year! If you have song recommendations or you are a recording artist, contact her at

Jordan Couceyro

Asst. Music Director

Jordan Couceyro is a senior majoring in Neuroscience with many half-started minors that will definitely not be finished before he graduates. Equal parts science and music nerd, Jordan plays piano and is the sound designer for Vanderbilt Off-Broadway. He can also be found working with VUcept, Lyrical Movements, or sampling all the different types of hummus on campus. Tune in Thursdays at 5 for some music you’ve never heard before on his show, Discover Weekly!

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