Train Tracks

Host: Anya Mintz picture this: you’re singing ABBA on stage, and you’re not sure how you got there. picture this: you’re on a beach at night, and the stars and the sky look the same, so you spin until you’re dizzy. picture this: train tracks, winding Read More …

The Transcending Palette

  Host: Emani Jones and Siren Gatlin This show will reach our listeners and stretch the dimensions of their minds and souls. The mesmerizing melodies will send them into a peaceful dreamlike state where tears will become a mass transit of raw energy, and emotions are Read More …

The Electric Show

Host: Riley McCormick Playing a selection of rock and alternative music from the 70’s until now, with a focus on local music. I’ll feature interviews with artists when I can get them. If you like WXNA or Lightning 100, this is the show for you!

Chillin’ with Dylan

Host: Dylan Reilly Chillin’ with Dylan is a weekly music show on VandyRadio hosted by Dylan Reilly. The show features top 40 music and up-and-coming pop hits. Be sure to tune in weekly to enjoy a fun and relaxing hour of great music.