So That Just Happened

Hosts: Karim Oliver, Simon Silverberg, and Jordan Grapentine Straight from our Twitter Messages thread to your ears. Three stable-minded and ideologically diverse students discuss current political events. Expect questions like, “Will I Regret Clicking This Link?”, “Is Jason Kander President Yet?”, and “WHY WHY WHY?”. Read More …

The Arena with Ryan Brown

Host: Ryan Brown In the arena, no one is safe. Host Ryan Brown challenges the political world one week at a time, covering the latest news that matters most. Let the left beware: when the debate begins, this conservative firebrand takes no prisoners.

Split the Difference

Hosts: Jonathan Algoo and Ben Lackner This show will offer insights and opinions into the daily happenings of Vanderbilt, US, and abroad. We will bring guests with unique perspectives on to discuss the issues facing our communities, all while playing the music you want to hear.

The Newer Deal with Jared Baum

Host: Jared Baum The Newer Deal with Jared Bauman is a Stephen Colbert-esque political parody show. As host, I will portray an extremely progressive liberal, and I will interview various real-life guests and invented characters.