On the Road with Max and Ax

Hosts: Max Schneider and Axel Broome On the Road with Max and Ax takes a journey throughout the world of sports, making stops along the way to discuss the week’s newest topics. Max Schneider and Axel Broome lead a foray into the radio waves to bring Read More …

Shooters Shoot

Hosts: Steve Sherk and Torben Ginsberg Both of their former co-hosts are abroad in Europe for the Spring 2018 semester, so Torben and Steve are taking the better halves of “Sports and Stuff” and “Sneaky Fast Sports Talk” to create “Shooters Shoot”. The show will Read More …

The Postgame Show with Jake, Tommy & SB

Hosts: Jacob Altman, Thomas Salovitch, and Sam Blumenthal We will recap all the latest news in the NBA, NFL, Vandy athletics, and all other college sports.

JT and Zeek on West End

Hosts: Jimmy Troderman and Zac Alexander Discussions, dialogues and debates on the hottest topics in sports and Vanderbilt athletics. We are college sports addicts with the innovative ideas and opinions that need to be heard.