Sweet Chile Sauce

Hosts: Pearman Clarke and Ekene Nkem-mmekam Welcome to Sweet Chile Sauce, your home of soccer news on Vanderbilt’s campus. We will be discussing the Premier League, Champions League, International Fixtures, and other news from the top leagues in Europe. Come for the news, stay for the banter.

615 Sports Drive

Host:  Cutler Klein The 615 Sports Drive will discuss everything going on in Nashville sports. We will analyze, break down and provide insight into the Titans, Preds, ‘Dores and more. Guests will include prominent writers and broadcasters in hockey, football and the NCAA.

Rootoworld Sports

Host: Ben Root RootoWorld Sports is a fantasy analytics show that covers fantasy football for the NFL. The show also covers college football and other sports going on in the fall with an emphasis on Vandy. Lastly, RootoWorld Sports sometimes slips into a discussion on modern Read More …