Hosts: Grace Runnels, Regan Schmid, Amber Chaves Rojas Nothing’s off limits. Tune in to catch up on what’s new and exciting in entertainment and music … and naturally, to hear our thoughts on it all. Unfiltered and always opinionated, we’ll spark discussion and keep you laughing.

The Me Show

Host: David Michaud It’s the Me Show with your host David Michaud, bringing you the hottest takes from the worlds of music, entertainment, and sports!


Hosts: Joshua Allen, Ben Goodman “Thoughts” is a radio show exploring campus life from the extracurricular involvement on campus to the invisible forces that guide our social coercion. Through dialogue we hope to shed light onto why we act the way we do on a Read More …

Triple P Power Hour

  Hosts: Michael Roman and Riley Alexander We won’t tell you who the ultimate pop diva is. We won’t tell you who to vote for in the upcoming election. We won’t even tell you what our third segment will be, but as we disagree about pop Read More …