Meet our staff here at VandyRadio!

Ellie Hooey

Station Manager

Ellie Hooey is a senior HOD and Communication Studies double major.  She loves hosting her classic rock show “School of Rock!!” In addition to VandyRadio, she is a VUceptor, volunteers with University Catholic and participates in the women’s workout group CHAARG.  In her free time, she loves doing Crossfit, watching old movies and reading.  Her favorite song (at the moment) is Lyin’ Eyes by Eagles.  Contact Ellie at!

Riley Alexander

Program Director

Riley Alexander is a senior in the College of Arts and Science studying Economics and History.  She is one of two Co-Hosts for Vandy Radio’s Triple P Power Hour with Michael Roman.  She love to talk politics and pop culture, and she is always willing to hear a compelling counterargument.

Parker Smith

Music Director

Bobby Kent

Sports Director

Bobby is a junior majoring in Economics and he loves sports. He is from Philly so he’s a huge fan of the Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers. He hopes to eventually work for a pro sports team or network! Bobby’s favorite part of VandyRadio is getting to explore his interests, and do a show about something he is passionate about. Make sure to check him out on his show Kent and Coad.

Eva Corrada


Eva is a senior, double majoring in MHS and psychology.  She loves hosting The Breeze, her classic rock show, Fridays at noon!  Outside of VandyRadio, you can find her pressing the buzzer for the quiz bowl team or analyzing data as a member of the Park Lab.  Her favorite part of VandyRadio is sharing the music she loves with her peers, and her favorite musical duo is Simon and Garfunkel.  If you would like your show featured on Instagram or Twitter, make sure to dm her @vandyradio!