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Pete’s Film Journal: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, Fall Roundup

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt A newborn baby is told of her creation from dirt and water. She cannot react to such words just yet. However, she will come to understand that the change within herself and around her is no different than rain’s plummet into the soil.  Raven Jackson’s first feature film is […]

Angry Takes by Aiden Rutman: My Top 10 

The other day, my brother reached out to me for help on a college supplemental essay. It was an application for Wake Forest, and the question simply asked him for his “Top 10.” It didn’t specify what, leaving the question as open-ended as possible. We had a friend who had previously done her top 10 […]

An Inside Look at Ms. Worldwide by Reilly Caldwell

On November 10th, The Music Room will host Ms. Worldwide, a house show that highlights underrepresented voices in Nashville. I had the privilege to sit down with performers Jyoti Laverack and Soumya Vytla who gave me the inside scoop about the upcoming show.  Jyoti Laverack – @jyotiigl on Instagram As a member of The Music […]

Dove Armitage on Video Games, “World Building,” and SOPHIE

Dove Armitage started her music career started unlike most – by playing video games. Bouncing between the console and her grandma’s electric piano, Dove would try to play the video game melodies, stopping only when she figured out exactly how they came out on the piano. These video game theme songs still hold a place […]

The Handling of the WTA Finals Has Exposed Steve Simon by Adain Luckadue

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid tennis fan. I play it, I watch it, I discuss it. Anyone who knows me even better knows that I have a very, very strong preference for women’s tennis. I almost never watch men’s tennis, for a variety of reasons. I find men’s tennis to […]

VandyRadio’s October 23 Playlist

Check out what our hosts played on their shows in October!   Make sure to follow VandyRadio on Spotify!

Pete’s Film Journal: Vandy Students’ Free Streaming Access by Peter Sarsfield

Early in the pandemic, I watched the 1967 classic Cool Hand Luke on the extremely new platform, HBO Max. The story, along with Paul Newman’s performance, captivated me. I recognized a famous line that my father quoted for years but never knew where it was from: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” After […]

Troye Sivan, Omar Apollo, Tiberius b, Miki Ratsula and more: What even is queer music?

In the wake of Troye Sivan’s euphoric new album Something To Give Each Other and Omar Apollo’s Live for Me, as well as my own discovery of both Tiberius b and Miki Ratsula, I’m reminded again what it means to make characteristically queer* music. * For clarity and ease, I use the term “queer music” […]

DMAD Delivers with New Single “Sweet Temptation”

With Halloween around the corner and a few more parties left before the weekend is out, let me introduce you to the next song you need to queue: “SWEET TEMPTATION” by DMAD. For anyone out there, like myself, that is getting into the intersection between hip-hop and house music, DMAD’s new single is for you.  […]

Introducing Khya by VandyRadio and The Music Room

Meet Khya, a talented singer-songwriter at Belmont University who is already making a splash in the indie pop genre.  Signed with The Convergence Management, she wrote and released her debut song “city lights” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her recent releases “the problem” and “CRIMINAL” secured spots on editorial playlists like Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds […]