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And Then There Were 4: Men’s Final Four Preview and Predictions by Liam Coad

After 64 hard-fought games, the 2024 Men’s Basketball Final Four is set. We’re just three games away from crowning a champion, so let’s take a look at the four teams remaining and how they match up going into this weekend.    Game 1: #1 Purdue vs. #11 NC State  The first game of the night […]

Pete’s Film Journal: Why You Should Watch More International Films by Peter Sarsfield

This past Oscars gave me plenty to be hopeful about while it still creates further detachment from the art of film. Al Pacino stumbled in to quickly deliver Best Picture in a manner so truncated I can only appreciate it, and it wasn’t his fault. It was a fitting anticlimax for a night that left […]

Sky Hooley Interviews Em Beihold About Honesty’s Place In Music

Taking the music industry by storm, Em Beihold’s songs have made a mark with her authentically transparent and honest lyrics that speak to the heart as much as the soul. Her 2022 hit “Numb Little Bug” went platinum, establishing her as a musical force to be reckoned with and forming her eclectic and loving fanbase. […]

Hypotheticals with Ty Levine: Victor Wembanyama with Curry shooting or Giannis with KD shooting

Selected as the number 1 pick in the 2023 NBA draft, 7’5 Victor Wembanyama is undoubtedly the most hyped up prospect since Lebron James and rightfully so. Putting up 20 points, 10 rebounds, and nearly 5 combined steals and blocks per game, he is putting together one of the best rookie seasons in NBA history. […]

PHOTO STORY: Lyn Lapid at EXIT/IN by Reilly Caldwell and Cason McFerrin-Clancy

Earlier this month, Lyn Lapid closed out her “to live in the 21st century, the epilogue” tour at Nashville’s iconic EXIT/IN.   Lapid performed many new songs from her album to love in the 21st century: the epilogue, such as “east side” and “like you want me to,” as well as fan favorites like “Producer Man.” […]

Pete’s Film Journal: Oscar Fever by Peter Sarsfield

I always tune in for Oscars night, struggling through a Jimmy Kimmel monologue as I wait for the awards to be given out. Sometimes I miss the red carpet coverage too, but who cares when Teen Vogue will post everything anyway! This year will be no different; Kimmel will gab away with flimsy humor and […]

Your Favorite Songs Left TikTok by Reilly Caldwell

On Wednesday, Universal Music Group removed their catalog of songs from TikTok. Billions of videos across the platform are now silent, and users no longer have the ability to use a majority of popular songs in their TikToks.     What happened?  TikTok and UMG were not able to agree upon a new licensing agreement between […]

Pete’s Film Journal: The Best Movies of 2023 by Peter Sarsfield

It was an amazing year for moviegoing. Repetitive comic book movies are finally lagging, making way for a variety of more exciting films. This year included powerful works that questioned the moral (and occasionally amoral) mainstream of audience interaction and consumption of new media. The Barbenheimer phenomenon was a special experience that will likely never […]

Winter Cinema Recs: Little Women to French New Wave Classics by Peter Sarsfield

With winter break approaching, there’s never a better time to relax and watch a movie. Temperatures may continue to drop, but the comfort of being indoors provides the perfect anecdote to the cold. Here are a few great winter films when finally free from assignments:   Little Women (2019) Greta Gerwig has had an insane […]

Pete’s Film Journal: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, Fall Roundup

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt A newborn baby is told of her creation from dirt and water. She cannot react to such words just yet. However, she will come to understand that the change within herself and around her is no different than rain’s plummet into the soil.  Raven Jackson’s first feature film is […]