Earlier this month, Lyn Lapid closed out her “to live in the 21st century, the epilogue” tour at Nashville’s iconic EXIT/IN.


Lapid performed many new songs from her album to love in the 21st century: the epilogue, such as “east side” and “like you want me to,” as well as fan favorites like “Producer Man.”

Fans (myself included!) were especially exited to hear Lapid’s cover of Toy Story’s “When She Loved Me,” which she performed live on a ukelele. This emotional and stripped down rendition of the song continues to go viral on TikTok.


Not only was Lapid amazing in concert, but her band was too! The atmosphere coupled with Lapid’s upbeat, indie-pop songs was a blast.



Make sure to check out Lyn Lapid’s new EP to love in the 21st century: the epilogue out now!