Taking the music industry by storm, Em Beihold’s songs have made a mark with her authentically transparent and honest lyrics that speak to the heart as much as the soul. Her 2022 hit “Numb Little Bug” went platinum, establishing her as a musical force to be reckoned with and forming her eclectic and loving fanbase. To date, she has earned one billion streams across platforms – she is here and here to stay!


In 2022 she released her EP Egg in the Backseat with seven songs that speak to the comfort and homeyness that she creates in her music. No matter the song, she evokes a nostalgic honesty that brings listeners close to her. Her most recent song “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad” is a sort of checkpoint to her music thus far, taking a glance at all she’s created around her.


After joining Lewis Capaldi with 15 dates on his tour, she joined °1824 for a press conference to answer a few questions about her music and her upcoming tour! I had the exciting opportunity of asking Em a question at the press conference, because I was so curious to hear more about how honesty impacts her music.


Sky: Hi Em, thank you so much for doin’ this!


Em: Of course!


Sky: Well, my question for you is that the themes of openness and honesty really come through your music for me as I listen to the (amazing) songs that you make. How has this theme of honesty impacted your music and has that relationship to honesty changed as you’ve grown more successful?


Em: Hmm, that’s a good question. My relationship hasn’t changed. I feel like my whole – I’ve always been kind of a blunt person, and so I think – I mean, I’m glad that that comes across in my music because that’s just kind of who I am! I will say though, as music has become my job and what that looks like is having a lot of sessions where I’m writing songs all the time, it’s a little difficult to dig deeply into my soul so much, and like, often with strangers that I haven’t met before in a writing room. I think doing so much of that, and then you don’t always get the song, I think it can lead to burnout. So sometimes I’ve been asked why don’t you write someone else’s story or about a character, so you don’t always feel like you’re – you know. I think I’m trying to figure out how to write the truest songs to me without overdigging that well to the point where I’m like I’m exhausted. Because the other thing is, I’ll also write about my anxiety a lot, but if I’m always writing about my anxiety I’m just continuing the feelings of anxiety and bringing those back up. So, it’s been an interesting journey trying to figure out how to not deplete myself as an artist. If I’m going to be anything, it’s going to be honest and blunt and true, and that’s always for me.


Sky: Well, I love that. Thank you so much for answering!


Em: That’s a great question, I don’t know quite how to answer that!


Em was so gracious to answer the question in depth, and it was such a treat to get to speak with her. For more artist interviews and music industry updates, follow @vandyradio on Instagram and check out the other VandyRadio blogs! As always, the sky’s not the limit just the view.