Few things bring Nashville together like country music and cowboy boots, and Dylan Gossett’s 4/9 Exit/In show is no exception. With a sweet and syrupy singing voice and an acoustic guitar to match, Dylan Gossett gave Nashville what it needed – some verses to belt in good company at a legendary venue. 

With Gossett’s gravelly vocals and emotional lyrics, it’s easy to understand how he brings you to tears. To kick off the concert, Gossett played “If I Had A Lover” which included an adorable shoutout to his now wife, and he brought out the harmonica just in time for “No Better Time,” the title track of his EP. 

The moment that the crowd went wild, however, was when Gossett covered Travis Tritt’s “I’m Doing Alright.” With Exit/In already packed to the gills, it was unbelievable to see each and every person singing along. By the time Gossett got to “Bitter Winds” he started to share some heartfelt stories about the success he’s had so far – he didn’t even have a song out this time last year! He also gave a heartfelt shoutout to his band, including his older brother Blake as lead guitar, before jumping into “Coal,” a clear crowd favorite. His sincere and honeyed lyrics mixed with his vulnerability made the show a hit, and the crowd was full of friends with arms on each other’s shoulders enjoying the moment and the feeling.

Gossett’s command of a crowd and vulnerability on stage is unbelievable for such a recent star, and it’s clear that the only path forward is up. With some banjo riffs and belting stints, Gossett knows exactly how to engage with country music, and his clear and sonorous voice makes his music unbeatable. One thing’s for sure, he should be on everyone’s radar as the next big country hit!