Pete’s Film Journal: Why You Should Watch More International Films by Peter Sarsfield

This past Oscars gave me plenty to be hopeful about while it still creates further detachment from the art of film. Al Pacino stumbled in to quickly deliver Best Picture in a manner so truncated I can only appreciate it, and it wasn’t his fault. It was a fitting anticlimax for a night that left […]

VandyRadio’s Soundtrack of September 2023

Check out what hosts played on VandyRadio in September!  

VandyRadio’s Q&A with Frawley by Reilly Caldwell

VandyRadio is thrilled to present a Q&A session with none other than the exceptionally talented singer-songwriter, Frawley. Frawley has recently shared her latest single, “Crying My Eyes Out,” that has already been making waves. She’s collaborated with the likes of Metro Boomin, Bebe Rexha, and Icona Pop, and is the mastermind behind hit songs “No […]

I Wish I Could Say I Love Charlie Puth’s New Album By Suong Tran

It’s no question that Charlie Puth is a talented musician, but this isn’t what I’m talking about. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m a huge fan of Charlie Puth and I have been for a long time. His savantish nature yields gorgeous harmonies and a fullness in his music that I believe few […]

Discussing “Eastward of Eden” with Amelia Day by Parker Smith

More than many schools, Vanderbilt is peppered with artists of all colors, from the technical musicians of Blair to the singer-songwriters of the Music Room. As VandyRadio’s music director, I’ve made it my business to know what all of them are up to: what they release, where they perform, and why they love music. And lately, it’s Amelia […]

Fusion Black: Let’s Break It Down by Priya Bhatt

Picture this… you’ve just stuffed yourself full of delicious rice, naan, and paneer and are finally settling into your seat in Langford Auditorium. You and your friends are buzzing with excitement- your suitemate decided out of the blue to join a dance in The Dances of South Asia (TDS), aka SACE’s annual showcase, and you […]

QUIZ: Which Taylor Swift Song Are You? By Cami Lenkov

Click this link to take Cami’s quiz and find out which Taylor Swift song you are!

Soundtrack to “Walking through Commons”

Admit it – we’ve all walked through Vandy’s campus, particularly Commons, with some coming-of-age music blasting in our ears. Sometimes a little playlist-induced nostalgia is necessary to mourn the start or end of freshman year. But don’t worry, because I have just the playlist you need in order to fully enact those feels.   This […]

Staff Picks of the Week (4/4)

Cecilia Crego Station Manager Kacey is KILLING IT with this new album and so many artists are supporting her in it and I find that to be so cool. Ben Dabney Program Director Haven’t done Spanish since high school, but I don’t need to speak it to know this is a great song. Really. Just […]

Staff Picks of the Week (3/29)

Cecilia Crego Station Manager NEW ALBUM OUT FRIDAY Ben Dabney Program Director Not normally a fan of electronic music, but sometimes there’s an exception. She reminds me of Camila Cabello in a weird way, maybe you’ll hear it too! Jared Bauman Asst. Program Director Still on the Bowie kick. What can I say. Mikaela […]