Cecilia Crego

Station Manager

Kacey is KILLING IT with this new album and so many artists are supporting her in it and I find that to be so cool.

Ben Dabney

Program Director

Haven’t done Spanish since high school, but I don’t need to speak it to know this is a great song. Really. Just listen to it once and you’ll be hooked.

Jared Bauman

Asst. Program Director

Great band. Great song. Even better lyrics.

Mikaela Baker

Music Director

There’s nothing like a good ol’ piano intro

Trish Wheeler

Social Media Director

It’s South African.

Jeffrey Jou

Community Outreach Director

We probably won’t be the same once finals starts.

Quintin Hall

Publicity Director

“I was slidin’ in the Lamb’ with the powerglide – slime green paint, peanut butter inside”

Justin Newsom


My favorite song from one of my favorite movies.