Selected as the number 1 pick in the 2023 NBA draft, 7’5 Victor Wembanyama is undoubtedly
the most hyped up prospect since Lebron James and rightfully so. Putting up 20 points, 10
rebounds, and nearly 5 combined steals and blocks per game, he is putting together one of the
best rookie seasons in NBA history.

Another freak of nature, Giannis Antetokounmpo is once again a leading name in this season’s
MVP race. One of the most dominant paint scorers in this generation of basketball, “The Greek
Freak” has very much revolutionized the game.

The other day my high school friend asked our group chat, Wembanyama with Curry shooting or Giannis with KD shooting? A hypothetical that is impossible to answer, the group chat erupted with disagreement.

I immediately thought Victor Wembanyama. While Giannis is one of the most unique athletes in recent memory, Victory Wembanyama is called “the alien” for good reason. His ability to move and stretch the floor with an 8 foot wingspan is quite simply such an outlier to anything the sport has ever seen. Already a great three point shooter, with the quickest release the NBA has ever seen and pinpoint accuracy from everywhere within the logo, my take is that 7’5 Wembanyama with the shooting ability of Steph Curry would be by far the most dominant athlete to ever exist.

One of my friends took a completely different approach. Looking at Giannis’s game, the only
missing piece is a dominant jumper. He thinks that with an effective jumpsuit like KD, Giannis
would add another dimension to his game while making him even more dominant in the paint (if that is even possible) as teams will be forced to guard him on the perimeter.

While both sides are super valid arguments, I still believe that the pure factor of creating a play
style that is so foreign to anything the sport has ever seen gives Wembanyama with Curry
shooting the advantage.