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Taylor Swift

Your Favorite Songs Left TikTok by Reilly Caldwell

Written by on 1 February 2024

On Wednesday, Universal Music Group removed their catalog of songs from TikTok. Billions of videos across the platform are now silent, and users no longer have the ability to use a majority of popular songs in their TikToks.     What happened?  TikTok and UMG were not able to agree upon a new licensing agreement between […]

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Ranking All of Taylor Swift’s Number 1 Songs So Far By EJ Lutz

Written by on 16 January 2023

Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” became the artist’s ninth number one this year, so, to celebrate, I figured I should rank all nine of the number ones she has amassed over the years. Furthermore, to increase the “fun” factor, I have also taken the time to note my favorite and least favorite lyrics in each song. Please […]

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