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Angry Takes by Aiden Rutman

Angry Takes by Aiden Rutman: My Top 10 

Written by on 13 November 2023

The other day, my brother reached out to me for help on a college supplemental essay. It was an application for Wake Forest, and the question simply asked him for his “Top 10.” It didn’t specify what, leaving the question as open-ended as possible. We had a friend who had previously done her top 10 […]

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Angry Takes by Aiden Rutman: The Return of the NBA

Written by on 10 October 2023

The NBA is officially back. Well, sort of. The NBA preseason began this weekend as the regular season, which tips off two weeks from today on October 24, is rapidly approaching. Let’s talk about it. You might be asking yourself: “Gee, Aiden. Why are you switching sports? The NFL season is in full swing?” To […]

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