JOHNNYSWIM, the band name of the duo Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez, rocked a sold out show at The Ryman this past Wednesday. Singing a variety of songs from their three albums, Abner and Amanda had the whole venue on an emotional roller coaster, from up on their feet dancing to even crying at times. They were completely captivating. From the moment they stepped on the stage, fans were radiating with pure joy. They did a fantastic job of interacting with the crowd, yet still giving each other the perfect amount of attention. Watching them interact on stage was like getting a peak into their personal lives; it was intimate and real. The songs they write and sing are so beautifully honest, not only do you hear the lyrics and the melody but you can feel it too. Abner and Amanda understand the importance of a build-up and the rise and fall of a melody. When he sings powerfully, she will come in softly, and then they both start harmonizing so stunningly. There is never a power struggle when they sing together; there is not one who is more talented or flashier than the other. They balance each other out so perfectly and it is apparent when they hit the stage together. With Nashville being the place they met and starting writing songs together, they considered this show to be a hometown show. With songwriting guests and friends and family in the crowd, it made for a warm and welcoming night at the Mother Church. Everything was in sync. Even the balcony got an up close and personal show when Abner and Amanda ran up and played a few songs. It was a special night for everyone at The Ryman, thanks to JOHNNYSWIM.


-Cecilia Crego, Music Director of VandyRadio