With her self-proclaimed “shadowy avant-pop glitch rock” in its full glory, Dove Armitage’s new single “Sex on Display” vulnerably reveals her, with every part on full display. Quincy Larsen, the voice behind Dove Armitage, says she is “embracing the scary moments and the darkness that exists in each of us.” 


With her EP Concernless to be released on November 3rd, Dove Armitage is deepening the identity of her sound, and veteran listeners can anticipate glimpses of a familiar past with eyes on the synth-filled future. She reconciles with the difficulty she’s experienced as a woman and as a queer person, but from this difficulty comes positivity, bravery, and ultimately excitement. 

The visuals of the single are unparalleled, with both distinct reminders of a post-punk past and original, shocking creations that come straight from the future of electropop. Throughout the music video, the camera catches Dove Armitage straight-on, as she dares the viewer to step into her world. What’s for certain – Concernless is going to walk us through that very world. 


Be sure to mark your calendars, because Concernless is going to open the horizons of electropop, bringing in a new wave of music. I’ll be covering the EP as soon as it’s released, and you won’t want to miss it.