You probably know “Backyard Boy” by Claire Rosinkranz, the viral indie pop song that made its way to every corner of TikTok and has been used as a sound on the app more than one million times. However, you might not know Rosinkranz recently released her debut album Just Because that features 13 new tracks. 

Her songs “Frankenstein” and “i’m too pretty for this” were two of my songs of the summer, so I was so ecstatic to represent VandyRadio at a press conference where we talked all about the new album. 

Just Because was everything I expected and more for Rosinkranz’s debut album. It delivered the fun, upbeat, indie pop sound that I’ve been obsessed with since “Backyard Boy” in 2020 and encapsulates the feeling of driving by the beach in the summer with the windows down. But I was most impressed with the depth of the lyrics and Rosinkranz’s ability to capture emotions in her songwriting. 

This is something that Rosinkranz discussed in the press conference, saying that her songs are where she can be most vulnerable and present with herself. Just Because is an ode to the life experiences and emotions that come with being a teenager: from the highs of living life to the fullest, to the lows of falling out with a close friend. Listening to this album brings me back to being a teenager in my childhood bedroom. Even through songs with bubbly melodies, I can feel the raw emotions Rosinkranz showcases that my 16-year-old self relates to. 



I urge everyone reading to listen to the entirety of Just Because, but here are a few stand out songs that Rosinkranz discussed with us: 

“Swinging at the Stars”

“Swinging at the Stars” encompasses the exciting feelings of being young and living life. With lyrics like “before the day that we die, let’s find out who we are” and “wanna be tired when I get to my grave,” Rosinkranz sings about how she wants to take advantage of all the experiences life has to offer. 

Rosinkranz also shared with us that she recently filmed the music video for this song with her friend Gavin Casalegno, who is known for playing Jeremiah Fisher in The Summer I Turned Pretty


“Wes Anderson”

As one of the album’s singles, “Wes Anderson” offers a taste of the coming-of-age narrative that is showcased throughout Just Because. This song has a super energetic chorus that will be so much fun to sing along to at her concerts. 



“Banksy” is one of the songs that Rosinkranz said represents her the most. It features a cool, funky base and how growing up can come with lonely moments when everything feels like it’s too much.  



Rosinkranz is most excited to play “Mess” to her audiences on tour!


“Never Goes Away”

This is my personal favorite song from Just Because. The melody is super groovy and shows off the fun-loving, cheerful vibe that Rosinkranz has. “Never Goes Away” is reminiscent of the “pretend that whatever you say shows up as a headline in a newspaper” lesson teachers preached throughout middle school and high school, but in a more refreshing and teen friendly manner. 


Make sure to steam Just Because and check out Claire Rosinkranz’s upcoming tour!