Cecilia Crego

Station Manager


Mikaela Baker

Asst. Music Director

I just discovered this song and now my life is complete

Ben Dabney

Program Director

If I have to hear Bad at Love one more time I’ll cry. Try this instead.

Quintin Hall

Public Relations Chair

This song is my emotional Life Alert.

Dylan Reilly

Social Media Director

Besides Havana, this track is the largest gem from Camila’s new self-titled album, which reached #1 on iTunes in over 100 countries. That’s more than any artists has done before!

Jeffrey Jou

Community Outreach Director

Seems fitting.

Cutler Klein

Sports Director

A mashup of a legendary song and a meme.

Pearman Clarke

Asst. Sports Director

For running, working out, or just headbanging, this is one of the best songs.

Justin Newsom


I swear I’m normal.