If you’re unfamiliar with the LA-based breakout star Sabrina Teitelbaum, you should know she is taking the indie rock scene by storm. Just this past Friday she played at the classic Los Angeles venue, The Greek Theater, as the opener for MUNA, and this is only the beginning – she will soon be touring in support of Liz Phair. With such a quick rise to fame, nothing can speak to her success like her music, and especially the release of Blondshell Deluxe, the deluxe version of her self-titled Blondshell album released in April of this year.

In a matter of minutes I have become absolutely enamored with Blondshell. You can click play and fall right into her music, right into the era she seemingly represents. Once again I am a teenage girl wrought with melancholia, figuring out the world on my bedroom floor. Each song brings you in for a different emotion, but the one that sticks out to me the most is “Cartoon Earthquake,” her standalone single. With such a fresh sound that’s still reminiscent of something that came before, “Cartoon Earthquake” synthesizes everything Blondshell brings to the table. 


The album has an undeniably strong start with “Veronica Mars,” “Kiss City,” and “Olympus.” You are instantly transported from self-discovery, to love, to adolescent rage, but the new additions to the deluxe album have a true pull on the heartstrings. “Kiss City – home demo” is painstakingly precise, with a sheer achiness to Teitelbaum’s every word, and “Street Rat” brings all the same emotion from the original album and more. Truly, is there anything better than slipping back into your old grunge and teenage angst?

I can’t recommend this album enough, and I am so excited to see what Blondshell does next. I suspect that this coming tour will bring a new layer of experience to her sound, and in the meantime I’ll be crying to “Olyumus.”