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Building The Season

Welcome back Commodore fans, this week in Building the Masonic Tradition we are going to break down all of the ideals for Vanderbilt football going into this season. This article will break down the offense and defense going into this season that we can hope for after seeing stats, practices, and interviews this preseason.

Offensively, the Commodores can do multiple things this year to improve from last year. First thing that fans can hope for is a starting quarterback. Andy Ludwig has worked hard this off-season to have a solid quarterback to consistently play this fall. Ideally, having one quarterback will improve team chemistry and force opponents to play the secondary more carefully. The second ideal situation for Vandy this fall includes a running game. Commodore’s have to hope for a rotation with multiple backs having the capability to make yards. This rotation will be improved by the technology that Mason has been using, the trackers will enable the coaches to know exactly how many plays in a row a back can run before he loses steam. Commodore fans, do not presume that I am a pessimistic blogger when I say these are our ideals. However, realistically our team cannot expect an all star passing or running game. If we can play consistently at both positions though, opposing defenses cannot breakdown our drives by stacking their line or secondary.

On the defensive side of the ball, the ideal is simply this. Our players know where they are supposed to be. I am not going to ask for any more. Last season our shift to a new line-up was scarred by the confusion it caused. Derek Mason seems confident that the players now know their positions much better and will be able to execute much more successfully. In addition, Mason feels confident that the strength of the defensive line should force opponents into a one-dimensional offense. If this is the case, Vandy fans will see a much more palatable season where opponents cannot score every time they touch the ball.

That concludes the realistic ideals for building a better season, and hopefully Mason can use any momentum from this season to further build the Masonic Tradition.

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