With Halloween around the corner and a few more parties left before the weekend is out, let me introduce you to the next song you need to queue: “SWEET TEMPTATION” by DMAD. For anyone out there, like myself, that is getting into the intersection between hip-hop and house music, DMAD’s new single is for you. 


As the song starts a cartoon villain comes to mind, the beat consisting of an intriguing walking bass line. The song quickly turns into a seemingly Joey Bada$$-inspired rap, lulling you to dance. The beat feels like a call to action, with DMAD urging you to understand him. He certainly doesn’t shy away from name dropping – the first line is “trips to the moon like my first name Elon.” With some more funny lyrics throughout, the song builds up, but the beat is steady. 



With many singles and a few EP’s under his belt, DMAD’s sound is maturing with him, and “SWEET TEMPTATION” is no exception. Like any great artist, DMAD has a sound that feels both reminiscent and new. If you like “SWEET TEMPTATION,” I highly recommend both his single “LAST NIGHT” and his single “Living Room.” Similarly, the music video for “Living Room” has that same distinct feeling of being both recognizable and utterly different. Be sure to check out his website dmadmusic.com!


His genre-bending sound leaves me wanting more, and I’m excited to see what comes next. As always, I’ll be sure to update y’all as the best new music comes through my Spotify. And if you’re an artist, be sure to send your music to VandyRadio so we can cover you!