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Hey guys, hopefully you are all reading this prior to the Georgia game this weekend – otherwise I will probably sound insane. I am writing this to provide all of you Vandy fans out there with a justification for hoping to beat Georgia this weekend.

The first source of hope should be in our new defense. We held a top ten quarterback to under 300 yards last week against WKU. Last year he averaged close to 400 yards a game! WKU also put 41 points up on the board this week, so our success was not a result of their decline. In addition, we completely shut down the run game this past week. This translates to Georgia in that, we will hopefully be able to slow down Nick Chubb. (I am not delusional enough to pretend that we can shut down the top rusher in the country.) In addition, WKU’s quarterback is better than UGA’s – so our secondary should be able to effectively limit their scoring.

Commodore fans should also take hope in the breakdown in statistics from week one. First off, UGA played ULM – a team that is undoubtedly worse than WKU. Keeping this in mind, Georgia only earned 192 yards while McCrary earned 217. In addition, the Bulldogs threw for three touchdowns – the same number that the Commodore’s should have earned if not for some errors in the red zone. The Bulldogs did rush for 243 yards, exceeding the Commodore’s 168. That one is expected though, because of Nick Chubb.

Finally, we can now hope to fix our issues from last week. We didn’t have major flaws everywhere, only in our red zone preformance. This allows us to focus on that, and hopefully fix the issue before kickoff on Saturday. In summary, if our team all plays to the best of their ability, Georgia makes some easy mistakes, and the refs call a good game – Vandy has a decent chance at earning a W this weekend. With that in mind, ANCHOR DOWN and I’ll see you at the game!

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