Meet Edward, a senior from New Jersey. He is the host of Ding, which goes live on VandyRadio Mondays at 5pm. Get to know Edward through the Q&A below!


What is your major and minor?

I’m an economics major and business minor. 


How would you describe your radio show?

Ding is an eclectic music show in which I bring together a lot of different genres (e.g., rock, country, reggae, and funk).


Why should people listen to your show

I might expose them to genres or songs they wouldn’t usually listen to.


How long have you been in VandyRadio

I’ve been a member since Fall 2019 (first semester of my freshman year).


What’s your favorite thing about VandyRadio

I get to sit in the studio and goof around a bit while also expressing my musical tastes.


Who are your favorite and most listened to artists?

My favorites are The Clash, James Brown, Geto Boys, Johnny Cash, and Boney M.


What’s your spotify?

Edward’s Spotify


What are five of your favorite songs?

My favorites are Papa Don’t Take No Mess by James Brown, London Calling by The Clash, No Hay Problema by Pink Martini, Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers Band, and Mind Playing Tricks on Me by Geto Boys. 


What’s your dream concert?

My dream concert would be seeing Creedence Clearwater Revival at Woodstock.


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure music?

My favorite guilty pleasure song is Get Into It by Doja Cat. 


Which Vandy dining hall is your favorite?

My favorite dining hall is EBI.


What’s your favorite spot or thing to do in Nashville?

My favorite thing to do is bike around Centennial Park.


What’s a fun fact people may not know?

I joined VandyRadio because my dentist said I had a good voice for radio.


What’s a hot take you have?

Chinese takeout is underrated.


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