Meet Terrie, a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA. She’s one of the hosts of California Cowgirls, which goes live on VandyRadio Tuesdays at 6pm. Get to know Terrie through the Q&A below!


What are you studying?

I am studying Sociology and Political Science. 


How would you describe your radio show?

California natives chat about weekly happenings in pop culture and share music recommendations. Tune in for unsolicited advice and the latest gossip!


Why should people listen to your show

My co-host Cami and I have super fun conversations and share thoughts that you are bound to relate to. 


How long have you been in VandyRadio

Since this fall. 


What’s your favorite thing about VandyRadio

My favorite thing is the creative freedom and connections to amazing resources and people!


Who are your favorite and most listened to artists?

My favorite artists are Tame Impala, Taylor Swift, BTS, Seventeen, and The Weeknd.  


What’s your Apple Music?


What are five of your favorite songs?

“Titanium (feat. Sia)” by David Guetta 

“Dark Red” by Steve Lacy

“Mine” by Taylor Swift 

“Normal Girl” by SZA

“Yes I’m Changing” by Tame Impala


What has been your favorite release of 2022?

“Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy. 


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

My favorite concert has been CNBLUE.


What’s your dream concert?

My dream concert is Seventeen. 


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure music?

My guilty pleasure music is late 2000s KPOP. “MIROTIC” by TVXQ is a prime example.  


Which Vandy dining hall is your favorite?



What’s your favorite spot or thing to do in Nashville?

My favorite thing to do is brunch. 


What’s a fun fact people may not know?

My first email ever was


What’s a hot take you have?

SoCal is way better than NorCal. 


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