The night we have all been looking forward too is almost here; the 58th Grammy Awards Show. During the past couple of weeks, the performers for the award ceremony have been announced. We can expect a David Bowie tribute from Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp to appear with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry as Hollywood Vampires, and the remaining Eagles members are scheduled to do a tribute to Glenn Frey. As always, there are multiple, unique collaborations such as James Bay and Tori Kelly, and the interesting mixture consisting of Luke Bryan, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Meghan Trainor, and Lionel Richie (seriously, what is going on with this one?). While all the performances are sure to be exciting, and everyone can’t help but wonder what song from 1989 Taylor Swift will open the whole show with, the real question is who will be the winners? With so many great nominees, how will the Academy decide? Just in case the members of this prestigious organization decide to take a look at Vandy Radio’s website for some inspiration, I decided to compile a list of artists I think will win in the four big categories.

Being nominated for Best New Artist is a pretty big deal. For most of these artists, it is their first nomination and first time attending the show. But who should win this honor tomorrow? Courtney Barnett and James Bay have that indie feel the Academy tends to love (does anyone remember the year of Bon Iver?). However, Tori Kelly has had an incredible break out year and was the honoree Breakthrough Artist at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. Of course, we already know Meghan Trainor is fabulous and an inspiration to many young women. And finally, Sam Hunt takes a unique perspective on country music that is riveting and just absolutely amazing. I love majority of these artists, so I find it hard to pick just one. I will guess the Academy will pick Sam Hunt, but if I got to choose, I would announce James Bay or Meghan Trainor as the winner.

Next, we have Song of the Year. This award goes to the composers of a single song off an album, which differentiates it from Record of the Year. This year, we see a lot of people we just knew were going to make it. I’m not surprised by Taylor Swift’s and Kendrick Lamar’s nominations. Though I must admit, out of all the 1989 hits, I would not have picked “Blank Space” for this award. I am surprised that Charlie Puth’s and Wiz Khalifa’s song “See You Again,” made it. Out of all of the great songs of 2015, I don’t think this one would of made my list. Ed Sheeran and The Band Perry Also are also nominees. I sincerely hope The Band Perry get this for their song “Girl Crush,” which offers such an interesting perspective on love. However, I think Kendrick Lamar or Taylor Swift will walk away with this one.

The Record of the Year goes to the performing artist, the producer, the recording engineer, and the mixer of a single song of an album. It is basically about the production of the song, unlike Song of the Year. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran make an appearance as a nominee for this award as well. We also have Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, and D’Angelo. Out of the nominees, I have to say my favorite is “Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. But, I think the award will actually go to either Taylor Swift or The Weeknd.

Finally, we have Album of the Year. This is my favorite award because it recognizes an entire album. It is easy to make a great song, but to make an award-winning album? Much more difficult. This award is for the album that is an absolute masterpiece, the album where every song, every moment, every note and sound is absolute perfection. So, who does this prestigious award belong too? Chris Stapleton was a big winner at the CMAs. However, Taylor Swift’s 1989 has dominated since it’s release in fall of 2014. The Weeknd have have had his greatest year yet and nobody can stop talking about him. Kendrick Lamar and Alabama Shakes are both crowd favorites from past ceremonies. I think 1989 will win this one. Arguably, it is probably the most successful one on the list, though numbers most do not definitely decide the winner. But, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd are both incredible hard workers and amazing artists so I wouldn’t count them out either.

So there you have it, folks. My predicted winners and my favorites for tomorrow night. Tune in tomorrow night for the great performances and to see if your favorite artist walks away as winners. Be sure to check out the 58th Grammys Nominees playlist below.