“An untamed rock & roll truth teller.” That’s how Rolling Stone describes S.G. Goodman, one of Verge Record’s rising singer songwriters. I had the opportunity to attend Goodman’s Monday performance at Nashville’s Basement East, an iconic venue for the Nashville music scene, where she opened for Madison Cunningham.

As I stepped into the dimly lit venue, I was met with a buzzing excitement and anticipation from the growing crowd. Before the performance even began, I caught a glimpse of Goodman, dressed in all black, casually chatting away with concert goers on the Basement East’s back porch. Even off of the stage, it was clear Goodman had a commanding presence and authenticity that everyone was drawn to.

Once on stage, Goodman, alongside Nick Harley on base, Matt Rowan on guitar and Steven Montgomery on drums, gave a breathtaking performance. Goodman sang a range of songs from her hit single “Space and Time” to a Civil War ballad. For the entire performance, her raw vocals crooned over the packed venue, commanding everyone’s full attention. This energy was especially present when she sang her song “Red Bird Morning.” The lyrics sent chills through my entire body, and I clearly wasn’t alone. When Goodman dramatically paused between lyrics “But the sacred fire it burned my hair…..Before it hit the ground” and “It’s a red bird morning in Aberdeen,” the venue was so silent you could hear a pin drop. The entire crowd was hanging on to each and every word that flowed out of Goodman’s mouth.

S.G. Goodman at Basement East

On top of Goodman’s powerful vocals and lyricism, her genuine personality brightly shone through between songs. She spoke with the crowd about her pets Howard and Dewey, her appreciation for returning to in-person concerts and her management’s insistence of her saying “I’m S.G. Goodman” at least 7 times per set. The positive vibe was summed up by Goodman’s last words of the set – “It’s been a pleasure to spend a part of my life with you all here tonight.” In response, all I have to say is thank you, S.G. Goodman, for sharing a part of your life and work with me Monday night. I am eternally grateful.

S.G. Goodman’s latest EP, Old Time Feeling is available for streaming everywhere. Check it out! You won’t regret it.