Cecilia Crego

Station Manager

I actually can’t stop listening to this song. Charlie, you’ve done it again!

Ben Dabney

Program Director

New single from the guys that did Shut Up and Dance. Their other stuff’s pretty good too.

Sofia Gonzalez

Music Director

It’s an absolutely awesome song!

Quintin Hall

Public Relations Chair

Is there a bad time for Gucci Mane song?

Jeffrey Jou

Community Outreach Director

Fun fact: The band’s name was inspired by a true experience from the singer.

Dylan Reilly

Social Media Director

Charlie Puth is always releasing fun pop bops, and How Long is no exception!

Saxon Allton

News Director

I watched a movie this weekend and had to return some video tapes.

Benjamin Farhi

Asst. News Director

Anytime I see Cheat Codes or Fetty release new music I always give a listen. While this song does not have the same catch as Trap Queen or No Promises, it certainly has all the characteristics to be a radio or dorm room hit. I know that I will be playing this song on repeat.

Cutler Klein

Sports Director

This is the most chill I’ve ever heard Fetty Was in a song

Pam Karwowski

Training Director

Although this song is very old, it has been stuck in my head so much recently.

Justin Newsom


I’ve been in a very western mood lately.