Cecilia Crego

Station Manager


Sam Smith can do no wrong, I’m convinced.

Ben Dabney

Program Director

“The whole album’s solid, but this one’s the one you memorize if you want to impress your friends.”

Sofia Gonzalez

Music Director

It’s just such a bop.

Quintin Hall

Public Relations Chair


It really struck me – deeply emotive and Kanye used it so well in Through the Wire.

Jeffrey Jou

Community Outreach Director

Just a SWEET song.

Dylan Reilly

Social Media Director


Harry Styles will be dropping the music video for the song this week first. While it was only released this year, Kiwi sounds like a classic rock 80’s throwback.

Pearman Clarke

Asst. Sports Chair

Glass Animals are one of the best mixes of rock and edm that I have ever heard.

Benjamin Farhi

Asst. News Director

Although I think that the members of One Direction would have been more successful if they stayed together as opposed to splitting up to pursue solo careers, this song is great for singing along. Zayn and Sia compliment each other extremely well, and this is a total jam.

Justin Newsom


It is the best song of all time.