Social Media Director

In honor of the announcement of a meh Rites lineup.


Breanna Tuck

Music Director

Nostalgia with the usual flare from Taggart and Pall.


Program Director

An inspiring song encouraging listeners to live righteously.


News Director

I always feel lost anyway, so it makes sense to listen to a song named “Lost.”


Public Relations Chair

Everything about this song helps you feel uplifted despite yourself: beautiful production, the lyrics, the music video, etc.



Everyone needs some ska/rock in their lives.



Station Manager

I’ve been reading a great book called “Dirty South” that chronicles the history of Southern rap music. My home state of Florida represents with Khaled, featuring Flo Rida and Pitbull among others on this track. A classic from his 2006 album “We the Best.”


Training Director

Wild World is an album full of powerful music, political commentary, and obscure pop culture references. Power is its intermission, a chance to pause and reflect, and a great song to sit back and listen to as you settle down for a nap.


Sports Director

Go Dirty Birds


Former Sports Director

Great song off of Chance and Jeremih’s surprise Christmas mixtape, which came out on Christmas (obvi) and is really really good. Like good enough that they should do a special tour for a nine track tape. Anyway the moral of the story is to leave all the haters in 2016.