YTG is headlining Rites this year, and my bet is, this will be number one on their setlist. This is a chill tune to guide you into summer.


On the 30th anniversary of classic rock band Dire Straights’ release of “Brothers in Arms”, Straights frontman Mark Knopfler releases his eighth solo album “Tracker”. With influences from Bob Dylan’s folk rhythms and the Straights’ unique electric classical guitar sound, the song the album are not to miss for fans of old fashioned rock music.


Probably one of the best dance songs out there. It makes you want to get out of you seat and dance, and it never fails to keep you on your feet. Take it from me, I’ve listened to this song too many times for me to remember and I’m still going crazy about it.


It’s awesome


Honestly, VandyRadio should change its name to MexicanRadio. This song is timeless, despite its apparent lack of meaning. The radio industry may not last forever, and Mexico might be gone soon, but this hit certainly will prolong the lives of both entities.


Meet somebody new and live a little!


This is HU’s latest single off their fourth studio album titled “Day of the Dead.” The album is scheduled to be dropped March 31st, 2015.


It’s the bomb