Cecilia Crego

Station Manager

I forgot about this song until I found it on a burned CD in my car from high school and my obsession is back.

Jared Bauman

Asst. Program Director

It’s not my usual type of music, but I heard this on the radio this week and haven’t stopped humming it since.

Sofia Gonzalez

Co-Music Director

It’s the perfect chill vibes for the weather we’ve been having lately.

Mikaela Baker

Co-Music Director

This is a throwback, but I heard this song on RuPaul’s Drag Race AS3 and lived for it!

Saxon Allton

News Director

Lil Boat? GOAT. NBA? BOAT.

Cutler Klein

Sports Director

Heard this song at a pub in Las Vegas during spring break, thought it was cool.

Pearman Clarke

Asst. Sports Director

I feel like my life is a one way ticket to hell and back with how busy I am.

Quintin Hall

Publicity Director

“They won’t take me out my element, nah, take me out my element”

Jeffrey Jou

Community Outreach Director

Just a good song.

Justin Newsom


This was my absolute jam when I played SSX: On Tour as a kid!