This is a song from probably one of the most innovative bands I’ve heard. They combine alternative, rap, and dance music all in one, which makes their style pretty unique. Take a listen!


It’s the perfect mix of sexist and feminist. And it’s catchy. So people will love it.


After their show at Rites of Spring last year, The Mowgli’s have become a much loved band in the Vanderbilt community. Their new album, Kids in love, debuts in April, and this is the first single. Like it says in the title, it’s good.


Just one of the many important messages on Kendrick Lamar’s new album, which he dropped a week earlier than expected, is the effect that growing up in the hood has on black culture. Plus a Snoop Dogg feature is never a bad thing


Great song and then the remix was a great support. Truly gets you in the mood for the NCAA tourney!


This song is beautiful.


covers are cool