Station Manager

This is the second single off Muse’s forthcoming album, Drones. It’s an instant alt-rock hit with heavy bass, driving rhythms, and Matt Bellamy’s voice.


Promotions Director

AWESOME song by Alex Clare, it definitely has the feel of “Too Close”, but still has the signature indie-electro style that Alex Clare has brought to the mainstream.


News Director

Zac Brown Band’s new album Jekyll + Hyde comes out April 28. Of the three released tracks,
two are classic Zac Brown country songs. This one makes a departure into rock, incorporating elements of Brown’s recent work with the Foo Fighters and Chris Cornell’s hard hitting vocals.


Publicity Director

It’s a really catchy song, then I started listening to a few of his others. Really talented and anybody who uses Sir Ian McKellen in a music video gets a thumbs up from me!



Let’s be real, when’s the last time you heard some 3DG. You’re welcome.