Cecilia Crego

Station Manager

Jason Derulo is so underrated in the music industry it hurts. He is a trained opera singer who decided to go into pop music and we should feel personally blessed by that decision!!

Sofia Gonzalez

Music Director

It’s the perfect mix of chill and uptempo that keeps you interested but also zen.

Ben Dabney

Program Director

Nostalgic for summer? I got you covered.

Dylan Reilly

Social Media Director

The original version of the song was already amazing, but the extra star power of Khalid, SZA, and Post Malone truly brings this song to the next level. All hail the Melodrama era.

Quintin Hall

Public Relations Chair

It’s Live

Jeffrey Jou

Community Outreach Director

Whoops, wrong city.

Saxon Allton

News Director

SiR and Masego are sure to guide you through intense nostalgia of old relationships in a number from the beginning of this year that samples Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

Benjamin Farhi

Asst. News Director

Galantis has an incredible track record of churning out versatile songs that are great for parties, working out or putting some pep in your step on the way to class. This song, Girls on Boys, is no exception and I have had it on heavy rotation.

Pearman Clarke

Asst. Sports Director

One of the best guitar solos I have heard in a sec. This song is an awesome headbanger.

Pam Karwowski

Training Director

This is a great song AND it has a powerful message.

Justin Newsom


One of my favorite electronic artists, one of my favorite songs of his. No questions needed.