By: Bobby Kent

As I reflect on what the year as been to date, I think about the many changes that have happened to our lives. Social distancing, mask wearing and staying apart from one another have become common place. Uncertainty about the future, whether it be work, school or life in general has most of us stressed. So with everything in flux, there’s no better time to discuss one of my favorite traditions that doesn’t change very much year to year: Thanksgiving.

There are many reasons why Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. There’s the family aspect (which will be very much limited this year due to the pandemic), the food and being thankful for everything that I have been given/have earned. However, there’s one part of Thanksgiving that tops them all: football. 

In my household, in a normal year, we invite the family over to celebrate the day and spend some much needed time together. The mornings on these days are usually frantic as the turkey has to be put in the oven, the house cleaned for our guests and tables set up in such a specific way. When our guests finally arrive, stories are exchanged, memories are uncovered and joy fills the air. We always do Thanksgiving dinner and while I love the conversation with my family, the football game in the background always catches my eye. There is just something about a stomach full of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing that just pairs so well with football. Maybe it’s the feeling that I have nothing to do that day expect for watch the day’s games unfold. Maybe it’s that I get to spend undivided time with my family. Sports has a special pull for me that I can’t really describe and when paired with food – there is no better alternative.

Happy Thanksgiving from Vandy Radio!