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The College Pre-Season

Welcome back to Building the Masonic Tradition, VandyRadio’s football blog following the Commodore’s into the new football season. This week I will give you a couple things to look for and look forward to during this, the College Football preseason as it were.

Look forward to the new defensive competence on the field. All interviews with Derek Mason point towards one thing, the defense will no longer be beating themselves. This was a consistent problem last year; however, Mason has assured us that the linemen know what they are doing. This will force offenses to become more one dimensional and as long as the linebackers are also learning will give the Commodores a significant boost this season.

Look for the new quarterback, Derek Mason expects to have a starter for quarterback in six or seven weeks. Follow that big reveal, we can make more definite conclusions about what kind of offense that Coach Ludwig will be running this season.

As the preseason progresses, look for more analysis regarding the upcoming football season here on

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