Many of you reading this attended a particular college football game last Thursday, the twenty-eighth of August.  Vanderbilt fell against a Temple team considered vastly inferior by fan and analyst alike before the game.  I would like to offer up some hope and inspiration that should come from this loss, as I ask you to recall the Battle of the Alamo.  This infamous battle happened several months after Mexican troops had been completely driven from Mexican Texas, and the garrison of Texian troops at Alamo Mission should have been secure in their position.  Many Vanderbilt fans that stood in the rain for hours prior to the delayed game felt secure, as the Texians at the Alamo probably felt.  We Commodores felt that we should beat the Temple Owls simply by walking on the field.  In the Battle of the Alamo, a thirteen day siege preceded the massacre that was committed against the garrison by Santa Anna.  Similarly, the first quarter of the game was held until a fumble call from the referee changed the course of the game.  At that point Temple executed Vanderbilt in a manner similar to Santa Anna’s conquest of the Alamo.

At this point, you may ask about that hope I offered at the beginning of this post.  Here it is, Texas is now an American state.  Rallying behind the cry “Remember the Alamo,” Texians flooded to join the army for the new Republic of Texas and eventually overcame the Mexican forces.  In a similar manner, I say that fans and players alike should rally around this loss.  I propose that we cry “Remember the Temple Game” or “Remember the Opener” as we come back to have a successful season.  Don’t lose faith in Derek Mason, twelve things had to go perfectly for Temple to win that game – unfortunately twelve things did.  Once Stephen Rivers, or any other quarterback, gets some traction and plays a full game we will rise up.  The Texians rose around the defeat at the Alamo, and Vanderbilt should take the opportunity to conquer and prevail.

For VandyRadio, “Remember The Temple Game!”